In a recent online poll, 65% of consumers claimed they would be enjoying a traditional dinner with Turkey this Christmas, but what do they have with it?

Mash potato is a popular choice with 40% of diners having it as an accompaniment. 50% would like the idea of a quality ready in a minute instant mash to save time in the busy kitchen!

Idahoan is the perfect mash, quick and convenient solution at any time of the year – even Christmas Dinner.

Idahoan Mash has been a great success since its launch into the UK market last year. Lets be honest, as most buyers would agree, the canned veg aisle isn’t exactly the hotbed of innovation. So when a new entrant enters the market and grows the overall canned veg category (of which the majority was incremental sales), as well as securing 28% share of Instant Mash in the first year, its got to be good news for everyone.

What’s more, consumers love the product, once they try it, consumers love the taste and in sampling and panel tests they struggle to differentiate between fresh made mash.

Idahoan Perfect Mash isn’t just for Christmas….it can be enjoyed at anytime of the year, whether its as a quick convenient accompaniment to a roast dinner or topping leftover Bolognese to make a quick cottage pie.